PlayStation VR Accessories Hit Major Online Retailers


With the PlayStation VR launch just around the corner—October 13th to be exact—major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop have started to stock a few accessories that are sure to keep you charged-up at moment’s notice and travel-ready for those VR evangelist missions to the people who still haven’t tried out virtual reality.

While pre-orders for PSVR have been out of stock for months now in the US, with GameStop executives reportedly revealing that PSVR pre-orders were the “quickest sellout in GameStop’s history,” and the retailer running out of allocation “literally in five minutes,” there’s bound to be a pretty large consumer base for aftermarket accessories.

Amazon and GameStop so far seem to have all officially licensed accessories currently, which for now are exactly two display stands with built-in controller charging cradles, and two robust-looking carrying cases.

Attention: Pre-order release dates for PSVR accessories are different across each retailer. Amazon is so far releasing all accessories pre-orders in late October, while other retailers may release earlier.


PowerA Charge and Display Stand

The ‘PowerA’ Charge and Display Stand gives you a convenient place to stow all the important bits while keeping them ready for use. The stand features a charging cradle for two Move controllers and a single Dualshock4 controller. With this set-up you’ll still need to find a place for your audio headset however, which seems less than elegant at MSRP $49.99.

Puchase Links: Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop


‘Collective Minds’ Charge & Display Stand

‘Collective Minds’ Charge and Display Stand packs in a little bit more for a modestly lower price at $34.99. The stand includes charging space for two Move controllers, two Dualshock4 controllers, an additional USB port for rechargeable gaming audio headsets (and a nifty place to hang them)—all of which feature an individual charge LED.

Purchase Links: Amazon, GameStop


RDS Industries PlayStation VR Headset and Accessories Deluxe Carrying Case

Lugging around an awkwardly-shaped VR headset is no fun, so it pays to have a reliable solution on hand if you’re planning on trekking around to friends and family with your new purchase and want to keep it safe along the way.

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To this end, ‘RDS Industries’ created a hard-shell carrying case with a few separate compartments. The main compartment holds the PlayStation VR Headset and HDMI/USB cables, while the second holds both the breakout box and AC adapter with cable. It’s unclear from the production description whether the interior is injection molded plastic, or high-density foam, but at $59.99 we’re certainly hoping for foam.

Purchase Links: Amazon, GameStop


PowerA Storage Case for PSVR

‘PowerA’ offers a much more streamlined case for the PSVR which seems to omit almost everything from the full PSVR Core bundle besides the headset itself. The production description does mention an internal mesh pouch for additional storage, but the overall size of the case suggests that it won’t be for much beyond cables and possibly a game or two. MSRP: $39.99


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